Providing professional care, education and treatment for youth and their families with emotional, behavioral and learning challenges.

Caring, Equipping, Restoring Hope

Restoring Hope

As an enduring steward of hope for more than 15,000 youth and their families, we believe in new beginnings.

How We Succeed

Accredited by the state of California, our therapeutic education program breaks down barriers and builds bright futures.

Refer a Youth

Help a youth begin his journey to self-sufficiency and his move from despair to hope.

Industry Leaders

As an innovator in best practices in this specialized industry, we offer training and professional development.

Shop New Haven

Unique hardwood handcrafts and delicious culinary creations made by New Haven's talented students are available for purchase.

Be Part of the Solution

Explore the many giving opportunities that will significantly impact the transformation of our community's troubled youth.

Building Bright Futures

New Haven Woodcrafts

Woodcrafts, Etc. showcases exotic hardwood pens, maple cutting boards, redwood Adirondack chairs and more pieces handcrafted by our youth.

Culinary Arts Program

This innovative program prepares youth with the knowledge and skills necessary to earn their high school diplomas and pursue postsecondary education or employment.

North County Trade Tech
High School

Founded by New Haven, this innovative public charter school focuses on career tech and college prep in the construction and building trades.