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Teenager smilingNew Haven Youth and Family Services provides academic, social, emotional and behavioral intervention as well as career technical education and life skills development for youth 12 and up and their families.

New Haven is certified by the California Department of Education and is contracted with more than 50 school districts in Southern California.

New Haven is licensed by the California Department of Social Services, Community Care Licensing Division and is a Medi-Cal Certified Mental Health Provider.

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To refer a youth to New Haven or Therapeutic Behavioral Services, email us now


p. (760) 536-7949
f. (619) 308-6006

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Materials for Family and Kin

All New Haven grounds and facilities are alcohol, tobacco, and other drug free. Smoking is not permitted on the premises.

New Haven grounds and facilities are weapon free.

Visitors shall keep all prescription medication, alcohol, tobacco, other drugs, and dangerous items out of reach or view of our clients, preferably in the visitor’s locked vehicle.

All New Haven grounds and facilities shall be free from bullying, aggression, or other potentially harmful or threatening behaviors.


Please be aware that New Haven Youth and Family Services, Inc. retains the right to cancel student Individual Service Agreements (ISA) for cause. The ISA shall be terminated no more than twenty (20) days after noticing the home school district pursuant to California Education Code 56366.

New Haven shall notify the parent/ guardian of the youth that New Haven has notified the home school district of its intention to terminate the ISA and inform the parent/ guardian of their responsibility to remove the youth from New Haven’s school and/ or residential programs. New Haven shall not be responsible for care or services starting on the effective date of cancelation of the ISA.


This notification of termination of the ISA will be done in writing, which method may include letter, email, or fax to the parent/ guardian signed by a New Haven administrator.

Wellness Workbook

Our Residential Treatment Model




Admissions Paperwork and Required Notices

Acknowledgement of Procedures  Release of Information Form  Vehicle Safety Medical Costs Responsibilities Form
Privacy Practices Acknowledgement Student IEP Rights  Code of Conduct  Dress Code & Contraband 
 Assessment Approval Permission Slip  Family Life Program Consent  Discharge,  Removal, & Termination
Parent Manual Personal Rights (LIC 613B) Confidentiality & Mandated Reporting  
Medical Release & Consent for Treatment Workability  Processes and Procedures Manual Harassment Policy Acknowledgement Form 
Information on California Department of Education Universal Complaint Procedures
Privacy Statement Universal Complaint Form Grievance Process and Form Nondiscrimination and Harassment

Other Residential Forms

Home Pass Report

Treatment Approach