Positive Youth Development

New Haven’s program succeeds through dynamic intervention that is grounded in the practice of positive youth development. We focus on the strengths and potential of the youth rather than their problems or deficits. Our comprehensive therapeutic education model incorporates best practices as designated by the State of California to meet the multi-dimensional needs of at-risk youth in the areas of:


Career Technical Education and Life Skills Development

Clinical Programs

Community Based Services

Therapeutic Behavioral Services

Residential Treatment

Refer a Youth

Our program works to engage and instruct youth who have been unsuccessful in public school due to behavioral, mental health, substance abuse, learning disabilities and/or truancy problems. We are contracted with 50+ school districts throughout Southern California.

In addition to our day student curriculum, we offer a residential treatment program that runs 24 hours a day, seven days a week in 12 six-bed residences throughout Vista, Oceanside and San Marcos. We have outpatient and mental health offices in both San Diego and Riverside counties.

An important component of our comprehensive program is Therapeutic Behavioral Services, a specialty mental health intervention where specialists coach struggling youth to recognize influences that trigger negative behaviors and exercise positive alternatives. We also provide transitional living support to youth who face limited options as they transition from supervised care to independent living.

New Haven provides structure and ongoing opportunities for youth to participate in leadership, decision-making, interpersonal competency and self-advocacy, with an awareness and connection to their family and community. Our approach equips youth with the tools to become self-confident, independent and ultimately hopeful about their future success and personal fulfillment.