Caring, Equipping, Restoring Hope…

One Child, One Family, One Community At A Time

At New Haven, we believe in new beginnings.

We have been effectively working with youth and their families since 1967. Today, New Haven Youth and Family Services is transforming lives for at-risk adolescent boys through an innovative education model that develops life/work skills in a healthy environment.  

Led by a dedicated team of caring professionals who embrace a servant leadership philosophy, New Haven supports the “whole person” development of troubled youth as we guide them from despair to hope. 

A positive mindset and approach.

Boys planting a garden

Our comprehensive therapeutic education model focuses on special education, work readiness and transitional living skills for adolescents with social, emotional or behavioral issues, learning disabilities or mental illness. Serving over 200 youth annually from the age of 12 and up, our goal is to tap their unrealized potential and help them to successfully transition into adulthood. 

New Haven’s comprehensive program includes social, emotional and behavioral intervention, career technical education and life skills development with targeted academic curriculum. This innovative education model incorporates best practices as recognized by the State of California to meet the multi-dimensional needs of our youth. 

Equipping Youth with Lifelong Skills 

New Haven offers career technical education and pre-apprenticeship programs that are tailored to meet the needs of our youth—one of the most effective tools for remediating the effects of emotional trauma, abuse and neglect in young males. 

Services are provided in a safe, supportive structured home living environment where boys with special needs are valued. Here they develop the social, emotional and behavioral tools they need to transition out of residential care and into their home community. 

The goal of all our programs is to extend a continuum of care to each youth so that they can return to their family and community requiring little or no further intervention. Every resource in our organization is directed toward that goal. We have been an enduring steward of hope for more than 18,250 youth and their families and we look forward to empowering a new generation by breaking down barriers and building bright futures. 

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