Congratulations! You’ve Helped Us Raise $1 Million

New Haven Youth and Family Services’ Welcome Home Project was a fundraising campaign aimed at raising $1 million to revitalize 12 outdoor domains on our Vista, California campus.

We partnered with our community to improve our outdoor spaces so that we can more effectively teach, heal and connect with our boys as well as create the welcoming and secure environment they deserve.


Celebrating 50 Years of Restoring Hope

The Welcome Home Project completion coincided with New Haven Youth and Family Services’ 50-year anniversary—that’s 50 years of restoring hope, and we look forward to at least 50 more.

Get Involved

With your contribution, we’re fulfilling our vision of creating a safe environment that models a nurturing home and community—one that sets the stage for an enhanced treatment process and provides our youth with the space they need to grow and thrive.

12 Outdoor Domains

The Welcome Home Project has split our fundraising efforts into 12 outdoor domains that individuals, groups and companies can choose to support in part or in whole. Click on the Domain name to see what improvements are included in each domain.

NH ariel view

Boys’ Backyard 1Boys’ Backyard 2Community Circle
The ColiseumFirst ImpressionFriendly Shelter
The Front PorchThe Gateway to HopeHealing Garden
Oaks & OlivesSerenity GreenscreenSplash Zone & Sound Garden


We Did It!

Thanks to donors like you, we’ve accomplished this worthy restoration.

The Numbers

1967 – 2017
50 years of restoring hope

15,000+ youth positively impacted

200 students
outpatient program

24 boys
on-site residency

30 boys
on-site specialized school

The Vista Campus

• 3.5-acres
• classrooms
• office space
• therapeutic learning spaces
• private residential homes
• 1 basketball court
• 1 track
• 1 turf field
• 1 pool