Our Vision

New Haven Youth & Family Services sets the standard of care for family-focused services that restore hope and dignity to troubled youth and their families too.  

New Haven also provides its framework, service continuums and training to other agencies throughout the community to assure that best practices in care continue to improve throughout the state. 

Our Mission

New Haven is a private, not-for-profit, multi-service agency that provides professional care, education and treatment for youth and families with emotional, behavioral and learning challenges. 


Boys walking on a path in the woods

Compassion: Care, Concern, Respect

Community: Teamwork, Collaboration, Esprit de Corps

Commitment: Service, Excellence, Learning

Courage: Integrity, Authenticity, Perseverance

Celebration: Gratitude, Stewardship, Joy

The Compass

A compass

The drafting compass depicted in our logo represents the dynamic experience youth have at New Haven. Graphically, the compass is in the shape of an “A,” an educational symbol of achievement. As a drafting tool, the compass is representative of New Haven’s innovative underpinning of trades skills as a motivational application of academic curriculum. Compasses measure distances, like the distance the youth will travel on their journey. As a navigation tool, a compass is synonymous with New Haven’s role as a guide that helps at-risk adolescents to find their way.



New Haven is CARF Accredited.

New Haven is an equal opportunity provider and employer.