Social / Emotional / Behavioral Techniques & Interventions

New Haven’s comprehensive program takes an individualized approach to addressing each youth’s social, emotional and behavioral functionality — all critical components in a transformation process focused on improving outcomes for at-risk youth and maximizing their capacity to live independently and be contributing members of the community.

When a child’s placement, school, teacher, social worker, therapist or community changes repeatedly, the experience of loss and failure is repeated over and over again for that child as his energies and attention become devoted to surviving a new environment. Academic progress is stunted and the youth’s outlook and future focus adapts in direct proportion to their diminishing self-worth and ability to succeed.

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We help youth develop healthy interpersonal relationships that allow them to live successfully in a family and participate meaningfully in community life. More...

  • Skill Streaming for Success

    Uses modeling, role-playing, performance feedback, and generalization to teach key positive social skills to our youth.

  • Positive Peer Development

    Without stability and predictability in a youth’s life, they face the nearly insurmountable job of attempting to thrive in a continually changing world. To provide youth with the greatest opportunity to succeed, we create a supportive and stable environment filled with caring adults, effective education, healthy relationships with peers, a known community, and a reliable connection to family.

  • Social Skill Development Groups

    Utilizing theCasey Independent Living Skills curriculum, therapists and teachers provide weekly instruction and support of pro-social skills.

  • Supportive Individual and Family Activities

    Having missed many of the opportunities most kids take for granted, we provide experiences that will expose boys to positive outlets.

Kids on fields holding hands.

We harness the power of community to help youth recognize their unique strengths as they journey from hopelessness to self-sufficiency. More…

  • Multi-Systemic Therapy

    To foster success, New Haven helps to integrate support systems such as the youth himself, his family and friends, his school system, faith community, and other community resources.

  • Motivational Interviewing

    Found to be successful with unmotivated and oppositional youth, this technique focuses on motivational processes that facilitate change within the individual in a manner congruent with his own values and concerns.

We equip youth with life-long skills that empower them to take responsibility for their actions and an increasingly active role in the decision-making that affects their future. More...

  • Individualized Behavioral Support and Intervention Plans

    Therapists and special education teachers assess potential causes for negative behavior then teach and reinforce appropriate replacement behaviors.

  • Behavioral Coaching

    Highly trained specialists coach struggling youth to recognize influences that trigger negative behaviors and exercise positive alternatives.

  • Phase/Level System

    An integrated behavioral program that reinforces youth’s positive behaviors as they progress through four phases of treatment with explicit benchmarks that indicate progress.

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

    Solution-focused individual, group, and family therapy that assists youth in learning the skills to overcome the challenges that prevent them from succeeding in their home school.

  • Milieu and Educational Activities

    Creates structure thru rules, curriculum and a safe, clean and therapeutic environment.