Career Tech

Boy in woodshop working on a lathe.Future-Focused Learning

Not all young people have the desire or the ability to go to college and simply want to be independent. New Haven’s focus on career technical education and life skills positions youth to progress beyond bottom-rung jobs and into a career where their personal goals can be fulfilled. We offer youth the opportunity to tour and explore all post secondary education options, including college and university, as well as local trades and craft apprenticeship programs that can lead to licensing or certification.

Comprehensive Life Skills Development

A Casey Independent Living Skills assessment helps youth gain responsibility in career planning, work and home life, and money management, including budgeting and savings, plus housing, health care, nutrition, transportation and relationship readiness.


Two boys gardening

This program provides special education for high school students making the transition from school to work, to independent living or post-secondary education with paid, comprehensive pre-employment training and career placement.

New Haven Woodcrafts Etc.

A fully equipped workshop is the backdrop for the creation of their highly acclaimed exotic hardwood pens and gift boxes, Adirondack chairs and more. This student-run business is one of the hallmarks of our Entrepreneurial Leadership Program, which supports New Haven’s mission to provide valuable real-world job skills.

North County YouthBuild

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Youth work toward their high school diploma, as well as entry-level construction employment, post-secondary education or apprenticeship, while learning job skills by remodeling affordable housing and assessing safety needs for low-income families. A focus on community service challenges young men to achieve their goals by contributing positively to their communities.

Catering4Youth Academy

The content is delivered through engaging standards-based projects incorporating content knowledge in mathematics, English/language arts, science and history/social science with a culinary arts thematic overlay. The academy provides job preparation as it creates multiple pathways leading to entry-level hospitality employment.