Our Philosophy of Servant Leadership

New Haven staff members
Staff member raising flags.

At New Haven, everyone is a leader and thus a humble steward of our organization’s greatest resource—the compassion, commitment and courage of our team. We call this Servant Leadership.

Servant Leadership is the dynamic recognition of the power of service. A servant leader is a servant first—embracing a moral responsibility to develop, support, inspire and celebrate the personal best of each member of our organization and, in turn, the collective spirit of our community.

Great leaders do not lead by control or power; great leaders lead through service to those whom they influence. Servant Leadership has deep roots, as exhibited by many of the greatest world leaders, from Gandhi, Buddha, Jesus and Rabbi Hillel, to Martin Luther King Jr., and Cesar Chavez.

Staff member raising flags.Servant Leadership is a value-oriented management model that has become a foundational pillar in the progressive cultures of very successful companies, including Southwest Air Lines, Chick-fil-A, Starbucks, WD-40 and Datron World Communications.

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The great people at New Haven embody the very core principles of Servant Leadership. As a result of their dedication in treating all with dignity and respect, they have created trust and hope through transformative results in a world usually filled with learned helplessness.
– Dr. Tony Baron
President, Servant Leadership Institute, Vista, CA Author, The Art of Servant Leadership