Success Through Empowerment

New Haven’s Community Based Services (CBS) is a short-term, intensive empowerment approach for families of children and adolescents who are transitioning from a residential treatment program or are at risk for residential placement.  

Our goal is to reunite children and adolescents who have serious emotional and/or behavioral problems with their families and/or increase their success at home so that they may remain with their families and in their communities.  

Our CBS program offers a spectrum of services that includes individual and family counseling, case management, behavioral coaching and crisis intervention. 

Focusing on individual strengths and the needs of family members, New Haven CBS provides an individualized and comprehensive treatment approach as well as case management services to link the child/adolescent and their families to community-based supports. These may include medical referrals, day treatment, job corps training and more.  

Through CBS, families develop an effective support network, increase their sense of competence, acquire new skills for managing the special needs of their child, and have access to supportive community resources to build a brighter future. 

How Does CBS Work?

  • Individualized counseling for the child/adolescent AND their caregivers 
  • Short-term intense therapeutic behavioral training at home or school 
  • Maintain the youth’s placement at the lowest appropriate level OR assist in transitioning the child to a lower level of care 
  • Resolve behaviors that jeopardize the client’s current living situation at home 
  • Refer and/or coordinate community-based support services needed to build resilience 

CBS Program Benefits

  • Addresses diverse behavioral problems 
  • Provided in the youth’s environment (home and/or school) and accommodates family schedules 
  • Works with the youth’s caregiver(s), which could be group home staff, parent(s) or guardian(s) 
  • Collaborates with all Treatment Team Members for greater success 
  • Helps the youth and parent(s) develop forward thinking skills 
  • Strengthens family units 
  • Improves school-related behaviors 

Download our brochure to learn more about CBS or click here for more information on our integrated continuum of services.

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