The Hands Reaching Out to Our Youth

Group of youth painting a house.

Friends of New Haven believes New Haven Youth and Family Services is a special organization that enables volunteers to directly impact the lives of at-risk teenage boys. Volunteer membership helps supplement the services provided by New Haven Youth and Family Services. One hundred percent of the Friends’ fundraising proceeds goes directly to funding these beloved outreach efforts. Surplus funds support other needs at New Haven, such as home renovation or program development. 

Birthday Brigade

Birthday cake

The Friends recognize and celebrate the birthdays of every boy at New Haven with a birthday cake, special gift, and gift certificate, not to mention a fully decorated house, helping these boys feel valued and important.

Journey Bags

Many times, the boys who arrive at New Haven come with all their belongings in a plastic trash bag. The Friends welcome each boy with a journey bag—a large athletic bag with personal items such as sheets, towels, toothbrush, fresh-baked home goods and a signed card. It is their first message from New Haven and communicates that they are valued and will be supported in their journey.



The boys at New Haven have missed many of the opportunities that most kids take for granted. The Friends organize outings to give these boys experiences that will expose them to positive outlets that foster a more positive future. Excursions include skiing, golfing, salt water fishing, surfing, kayaking and more.

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