New Haven Code of Conduct



The following behaviors (The Big 7) are serious violations of the Code of Conduct and because they are considered highly dangerous to both the offending individual as well as those people around him, they will be dealt with quickly and seriously.


  1. AGGRESSIVE BEHAVIORS (ex. use / making of weapons, fighting or physical assaults, threatening)
  3. STEALING (from anyone for any reason)
  4. SUBSTANCE USE AND/OR ABUSE (on or off campus – including on home passes)
  6. PROPERTY DESTRUCTION (yours or anyone else’s)
  7. BEHAVIOR OF ANY KIND THAT COULD HARM YOU OR ANY OTHER PERSON OR ANIMAL (suicide attempts, fire setting, illegal entry, evading staff, etc)

The following rules (The Basics) are in place to keep everyone in this house safe and comfortable at all times and to help prepare you for interacting in the community. Violations will result in consequences determined on a case-by-case basis.

  •  No Rude Manners to Anyone
  • No Swearing or Sexually Inappropriate Language
  • No Name-Calling, Teasing, Provoking, or Mean Remarks
  • No Verbal Altercations or Fights
  • No Horseplay
  • No Touching Each Other or Entering Each Other’s Space
  • No Refusing to Follow Directions
  • No Refusing to Participate In Any Required Program or Class 
  • No Borrowing, Lending, Buying, Selling, or Trading of Personal or House Property
  • No Trading Services (i.e. doing someone else’s chore in exchange for something)
  • No Tipping Back in Chairs
  • No Going In Another Resident’s Room for Any Reason
  • No Answering The House Phone for Any Reason
  • No Using House Phone without Staff’s Knowledge & Permission
  • No Using Anything in the Kitchen without Staff’s Knowledge & Permission
  • No Opening the Refrigerator or Pantries without Staff’s Knowledge & Permission
  • No Watching TV or Playing Video Games without Staff’s Knowledge & Permission
  • You May not go out of staff sight or assigned area without Staff’s Knowledge & Permission