Why Shop Woodcrafts, Etc.?

Handcrafted exotic hardwood pens, maple cutting boards and redwood Adirondack chairs are beautiful in design and functional by nature.  But when they come from New Haven Woodcrafts, Etc., these items are also unique and uplifting in origin. Each is created by students participating in our new entrepreneurial program at New Haven Youth and Family Services.

Our High-Quality Products


Handcrafted ball-point and fountain pens made from a selection of South American and African woods including cocobolo, wenge, padauk, rosewood, and jatoba as well as multi-colored acrylic designs. Each weighs 1-2 ounces and are roughly 5 inches long. Each particular wood has a distinctive feature, from the orange or reddish-brown hue of cocobolo heartwood to the tan to salmon color and black accent stripes for which jatoba is known.

Cutting Boards

Made from American hardwoods such as maple, walnut, and oak, handcrafted cutting boards measure approximately eight inches by 14 inches and weigh about 12 ounces.

Adirondack Chairs

This backyard staple is lovingly crafted of redwood or white pine, child sizes. Adult sizes come in white pine only. All chairs are priced unfinished. (Painting or staining is available- please contact us for details) Adult-sized chairs measure 36 inches deep by 26 inches wide by 36 inches high and weigh approximately 10 pounds. Child-size chairs are 24 inches deep by 17 inches wide by 24 inches high and weigh about four pounds.

What Our Students Say

“This program makes me feel like I am an integral part of something larger than myself,”
says 14-year-old R.J. from San Diego, who would like to become an architect like his grandfather some day. Struggling to stay in school and picked up by the authorities for theft, R.J. was running out of options before New Haven began helping him turn around his situation and his future.

“The work is therapeutic because it gives me a sense of ownership, accomplishment, and is fun. This sense of accomplishment makes me want to make better choices and remain successful.”  14-year-old Seth of Santa Clarita. Woodcrafts, Etc. has sparked an interest in carpentry for Seth. Fighting and other dangerous behaviors had led him to juvenile hall on his way to New Haven where he is now overcoming these obstacles and making significant progress in changing his life.

“It is a different educational opportunity than my other schools have offered.”
Victor, 18, from Watts.

“The sense of accomplishment I get helps my self-confidence so that I can now achieve things I was afraid to even try in the past.”
Ryan, 16, from San Diego.

“I wanted to learn what it is like to have a real job when you are older and to make money and learn how to spend it wisely. I want to be a mechanic in the future, and this is an opportunity for me to learn how to work with tools.”
Dakota, 14, from Ramona.

Our Entrepreneurial Curriculum

New Haven is a residential, educational and training program that helps youth learn the life and professional skills to be healthy, productive members of their communities. We build positive futures for adolescent boys and their families. With Woodcrafts, Etc. as our storefront for the boys’ handicrafts, we have developed another means of fulfilling our mission through the opportunity to learn valuable real-world job skills while gaining work-experience credits towards a high school diploma.

Youth learn:

  • the technical skills of safe and high-quality woodworking;
  • real-world business and e-commerce training;
  • specific skills in inventory management, business plan development, accounting, marketing and even pricing strategies;
  • leadership and responsibility;
  • developing and achieving goals to prepare for a productive adult life.

For more information, contact info@newhavenyfs.org.